My NYX Professional Makeup NL FACE Awards 2017 Look

NYX Professional Makeup NL FACE Awards 2017

Hey everyone, I decided to join the NYX Professional Makeup NL FACE Awards 2017. I also joined last year went for a normal make-up look last year, but I didn’t make the Top 20. For this year, I wanted to step up and create something more artistic using techniques I’ve never tried before. You can check out the video tutorial down below.


NAK Hair Products

NAK Hair

NAK is an Australian professional brand that offers a variety of hair products. All their products are sulfate and paraben free. For this review, I’m going to try out a few of their products, which are the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Repl.ends SprayShine Mist.


New Beauty Brand in The Netherlands: Bioré


Bioré is a Japanese brand that has been popular in many other countries, now available in The Netherlands. This brand is known for their simple approach to battling one of the most frequent skin problems, clogged pores. I was present at the Bioré launch event, where I received a lot of information about the products and had a hands-on demonstration. I’m going to give you a summary of the Bioré event in this post.


Save or Kill Tag

I was nominated by the lovely Jennifer of to do the Save or Kill Tag. This Tag basically works by answering 10 questions created by the person who has tagged you. I’m going to show you what questions Jennifer has come up with and my answers in this post.


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